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『自己言及性について/Essays on Self-Reference』所収論文初出一覧

Date: Sat, 19970303


Essays on Self-Reference



  1. "The Autopoiesis of Social Systems"
    in F. Geyer et al(ed.) Sociocybernetic Paradoxes (1986)
  2. "Meaning as Sociology's Basic Concept"
    in Harbermas/Luhmann (1971)
  3. "Complexity and Meaning"
    in The Science and Praxis of Complexity(国連大学、東京) (1985)
  4. "The Improbability of Communication"
    in International Social Science Journal Vol.23-1 (1981)
  5. "Modes of Communucation and Society"
    in P. DeWilde/C. A. May(ed.) Links for the Future (1984)
  6. "The Individuality of The Individual: Historical Meanings and Contemporary Problems"(1986)
  7. "Tautology and Paradox in the Self-Descriptions of Modern Society"
    初出:Zeitschrift für Soziologie Vol.16 (1987)
    英訳:Sociological Theory Vol.6 (1988)
  8. Society, Meaning, and Religion--Based on Self-Reference"
    in Sociological Analysis 46 (1985)
  9. The State of the Political System
  10. The World Society as a Social System
    in The International Journal of General system 8 (1982)
  11. The Work of Art and the Self-Reproduction of Art
    初出:Delfin 3 (1984)
    英訳:Thesis Eleven 12 (1985)
  12. The Medium of Art
    初出:Delfin 4 (1986)
    英訳:Thesis Eleven 18 (1987)
  13. The Self-Reproduction of Law and Its Limits
    in Guenther Teubner(eds.) Dilemmas of Law in the Welfare State (1986)